by | Jan 10, 2022

If you’re curious to see what the latest update to Divi actually consists of, you can browse through the changelog below.

Note: You may need to clear your browser cache if you’ve been to this page before.

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What is the Divi Changelog?

The Divi Changelog is a summary or log of all notable changes made to the Divi Theme. The changelog will typically list out all feature updates made to Divi, as well as all bug fixes and enhancements. Each item in the changelog will describe what was changed, and will also typically show you what specific file in Divi was updated. The changelog will also show you the release date of every new version.

What is the Purpose of the Changelog for Divi?

The changelog is helpful to browse through before updating, so you know what changed within Divi. The changelog will give you a list of all new features, fixes, and improvements. It’s also necessary if you have been tracking a specific bug and would like to see if it’s been fixed in the latest version.

Additionally, if you have a custom Divi child theme and you have customized specific files in Divi within your child theme, then it’s helpful to know if those files have been updated, so you know if you need to update the versions in your child theme.

Note: This changelog on this page is only for the Divi Theme and does include changes made to other Elegant Themes products, or any other 3rd party product such as Divi plugins or child themes.

What is the Latest Version of Divi?

The latest version of Divi is found in the top line of the Divi changelog above. It will also tell you the date the update was released too.

How Divi Update Versioning Works

Divi versions work like this:
{massive update}.{feature update}.{bug fixes}

This means that Divi Version 4.9.10 was a bug fix update, Divi 4.9.0 was a feature update, and Divi 4.0.0 was a massive update.

The content of the update dictates the version, not the other way around. We may be years away from Divi 5.0 (or longer). Divi 5.0 will come when Divi has a massive update that is worthy of a major version change. Until then, every new feature (or multiple features in the same update) that are added to Divi will change the version number after the first period. So 4.11.0, 4.12.0, and 4.13.0 will all be feature update releases.