Author: Rob Hobson

Our Little Secret… How To Significantly Increase Your Score on Pingdom or GTMetrix

Before I begin this one, let me start off with a disclaimer… I’m not an expert by any means on this topic but I am going to show you a little trick that I learned from on something called Cache-Control. Applying this to a number of sites that I’ve built and maintain has resulted in relatively significant performance improvements when testing the sites on GTmetrix and Pingdom and hopefully you’ll see the same gains. What is Caching? In the context of browsing the internet, caching is the process of temporarily storing files of various kinds (images, texts, and various other...

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Change the Footer Credits in Divi and Extra

If you’re trying to figure out how to change the footer credits at the bottom your Divi or Extra site, the bit that says “Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress“, here’s two quick and easy ways to do it. The first one is Divi specific, the other uses Javascript to replace the credits and will work with both Divi and the Extra theme. The JavaScript version is a slight adaptation of the first method proposed in the article Changing The Footer Credits In Extra on Using The Customizer If you are using Divi, the first method...

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A Free Logo Carousel Plugin for WordPress

A question that often pops up in Divi groups on Facebook is how to create a scrolling logo carousel. For Divi based sites, a common go to answer would be the excellent and recently updated tutorial How to Create a Scrolling Image Carousel in Divi by the brilliant Michelle Nunan. But for those who don’t have the time or who aren’t ready to DIY, there’s a great free alternative called Logo Carousel by Sleepless Developers. The Demo Features Logo Carousel is packed with pretty much all that you’ll need to create attractive scrolling logo carousels. Here’s a list of the...

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10 Free And Handy Divi Plugins

There’s plenty of good folk out there who create great stuff and then give it away. In this post I highlight 10 free plugins, some third-party, others from Elegant Themes themselves, all of them designed specifically for Divi.  The Bounty Article Card – Grid Blog Layout From the makers of Divi comes the Article Card layout plugin. As you can see in the gif below, this plugin makes some significant style changes to the stock Divi blog module’s grid layout.  GET IT Divi Hamburger Menu Styles Also from Elegant Themes, this plugin adds twenty new hamburger menu styles to the Divi Fullscreen...

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Codelights Plugin And Divi – Interactive Text (Part 4)

In this tutorial I’m going to demonstrate the Interactive Text (aka animated text) component of the plugin SiteOrigin Widgets by CodeLights. This component has five animations that you can apply to your text to bring it to life, perfect for emphasising a key element of your product or service offering. So far in this series, I’ve covered the flipbox, the Interactive Banner (aka the animated hover effect), and the modal popup components of this plugin. There is a minor issue that I’ve encountered with the Interactive Text component but it’s easy enough to work around; I’ll explain later. The Examples As...

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