David Allen

And why would you want to…

FREELANCE Divi Development

As a Divi specialist, I am eager to partner with you on your web design and development projects. I will add so much more than just time and cost savings but also invaluable advice and assistance as you grow your business. So if your looking for a virtual assistant or a Divi freelancer, I am at your service.

Reduce Costs

Your time is worth money and so is mine but I’m guessing that it’s worth your while buying my time rather than spending yours. Drop me a line and let’s chat.


In sunny South Africa, I’m GMT +2 so chances are that I can add a few more hours to your day. Let me do the dirty work while you go out and get more business.

Hire an Expert

With extensive experience is both WordPress and Divi, I’m a rock-solid partner that is capable of turning your mocukups into beautiful, functional websites.


Have an extensive toolkit at your disposal. I am not only able to assist with WordPress and or Divi but also offer web and graphic design, and copywriting.

No Staffing Hassles

No paid vacations, no paid sick leave, you just pay for the the work I deliver.

Meet Your Goals

Business is booming but you don’t have the capacity. Lean on us to get things done. Whether it’s kickstarting a project, handing over parts of it, or letting us do entire sites, you’ll get more done.

Speed & Efficiency

When it comes to turnaround time, you’ll be impressed. I can go from mockup to finished site in 6 to 8 hours for a standard 5 page site. Stop turning away smaller jobs, let me help you.

English Fluency

As English is my first language, there’s no added layer of complexity that you’ll need to work through, and rest assured that if there’s anything I’m not sure of, I will definitely speak up.

Success is more than just luck

Say hello, and let’s chat.

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