If you use the Divi theme, you’re probably familiar with Divi layouts. If not, I will explain in this article what they are, how to create them and how to install them.

What Are Divi Layouts

Divi layouts make a Divi designers’ work much easier, as you can create layouts (think templates) and then save them into the Divi Library, make them global (I will explain later what a global layout is), reuse them, modify them, and so on.

Divi already comes with a number of predefined layouts. When you create a blank page with the Divi Page Builder, you already have an option to load and use a number of these layouts that come with the Divi theme. Just click on the “Load from Library” button and you will be able to choose from a number of them. You can, for example, load a Contact page layout and then further work with it and customize it.

The Benefits

Overall, Divi layouts make the designing process much faster. And my favorite feature of the Divi theme is the Divi Library. Because you can save your own layouts, save them to the library, and use them later, as well as further modify them. Divi Layouts are also portable, you can export the layouts from your Divi library on one website and import them on another. Moreover, you can not only save entire pages to the library but you can also save particular Divi sections or modules. This can be really useful, for example, if you use the same header section for all your blog posts.

And if you use the same header for all your blog articles, it is a good idea to make this header section global. Just click to edit that section and click “Save & Add to Library” and check the “Make this item global” checkbox. Now that you’ve done this and you’ve used this template on other post, if you change the header on one post, all your posts headers will be changed.

Free and Premium Layouts

There are also people who create premium Divi layouts and sell them or, you can find many great free Divi layouts among the Divi community. Check out the free and premium layouts here on divinotes.com as your first stop.

Installing Divi Layouts

Lastly, I will try to explain how you can install a Divi layout. While most downloadable layouts will come with instructions, in essence, you will find they consist of one or more .json files (they might be zipped, if so, just extract it). Then, to install it, simply go to Divi > Divi Library in your WordPress admin panel and click on the Import & Export button at the top. Then locate your layout file and click “Import Divi Builder Layouts” and that’s it. You can now use this layout on your pages or posts.

Photo by Iker Urteaga on Unsplash

Andrej Parise

Andrej Parise

Guest Blogger

Andrej is a Divi theme lover, who has been working with WordPress for 9 years and since discovering ElegantThemes and especially the Divi theme, he cannot stop using it. When he is not building websites, he is writing articles for his Divi theme blog.