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Month: April 2016

How To Add Additional Google Fonts To Your Divi Website

Although the Divi theme comes with over 80 fonts, Google Fonts has over 700 to choose from. Adding additional fonts to your Divi installation is extremely easy. Here are a few easy steps you’ll need to follow. Find Your Font Head on over to Google Fonts and look for the fonts you want to add to Divi. In the screenshot below, I’ve switch the “Grumpy wizards” pangram Google uses for the traditional “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” alternative. In case you’re wondering, a pangram is a phrase that contains all the letters of the english alphabet. Google have a...

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How to Tile the Background of a Divi Module

Ever thought you could tile the background of a Divi Section by adding an image to the module’s Background Image field? But instead of the getting the perfect effect you were hoping for, you ended up with this:   Two Ways to Tile a Background Image To tile the background of a Divi Section module simply add the following CSS to the Main Element section of the Custom CSS tab of the module you’re working with: Alternatively, you can simply set the background of a Row Module to the image you want to use, and set the Make This Row...

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